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Professional Storage

Whatever your needs, we can provide safe, professional storage.

There are many reasons why you might need to store furniture and effects: between moving houses, during a temporary job posting, while renovations or repairs are carried out, or simply down to lack of space in your home.

Whatever the reason, if you need to store some of your household goods for a few days, weeks, or indefinitely You can rely on Gibson Removals and storage to take care of all your requirements.

Container storage is the modern form of storage for household goods - clean, secure and ideal for long-term situations, as all goods are loaded into containers at store and everything remains sealed from that moment until the day it is returned.

How Does It Work?

It's very simple. We will collect the items to be stored from your home. Once back at our store, we will load all the packages into wooden storage containers. Loading at store prevents 'the weather' getting inside the storage containers. The containers are then stacked carefully inside our warehouse and will be untouched until you want your goods back. This system involves minimal handling, whilst still ensuring that your furniture and effects are protected.


Please label or identify all items for storage clearly. It is your job to make sure that nothing is left out or included inadvertently. Make sure that 'white goods' (freezers, fridges, washers, etc.) are turned off a few days early and thoroughly dried out - they will cause mildew if packed wet. Ensure that everything is clean and dry, particularly things normally used outside (bikes, garden tools, etc.).

Don't Store

Don't store precious items such as jewellery, money, deeds or other important documents. Also never include hazardous goods like paint, aerosols, gas bottles or weapons. No plants, food or anything living should be included for storage

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